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ATTENTION!  Long Orange

Anyone can "Sell you a Certificate!

The question you should be asking yourself is....

"Am I getting my moneys worth and will I be trained by a professional?

At The UFT Center, we not ony have the experience as trainers...we are Certified to Train and we will ensure you get what you pay for......and not just sell you a card.

From our experience in this field, there are far too many "Scammers" out there, we advise people to ask questions before giving away their money.  

We will train you properly.....Guaranteed!


                    Counterbalance                        Reach                          Orderpicker                          Walkie                                     Aerial-work Platforms

                               ​ Telehandler Training                    Fall Arrest Training                   WHMIS Training

                                                              Telehandler                                        Fall Arrest/Fall Protection                                  WHMIS